onsdag 21. januar 2009

A spoon full of sugar # 35, Oh baby

Since this a challenge with english language, im gonna try to write about my card in english! For this challenge I have made a foldercard. The stamp is from magnolia, and I have used pro markes and le plume II for the colour. The flowers are Mulberry from Prima..
The stamp in the front says: " Little princess. Nobody is as beautiful as you".

The inside.....
The stamp says: "100% girl. Wash with love".

Inside the card I have placed littel cards with classic children songs. Sweet lullebys!

The cards... I also made a tag where I can wright to the person whos getting the card...

The back of the card

(I appologize for the bad english...)

4 kommentarer:

debby4000 sa...

What a beautiful gift, love Tilda she looks fab.

Kristine sa...

Hei Gøril!
Fy søren så søtt dette kortet var!
Og så skjønt å putte oppi noen nattasanger til babyen. Du tneker jo på alt!
Ønsker deg en flott kveld!
Klemmer fra Kristine

Kathy sa...

What a beautiful idea!! Love the card and the inside is just gorgeous! :)Kathy

Bente sa...

For et herlig mappekort, og kjempegod ide med de tag'ene! Ha en fin kveld!